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After I had been driving for Rideshare for about 6 months my intuition told me to make my license plate say LOVE2U. The state was surprised that LOVE2U was still available when I ordered this personalized plate, but I said it must of been waiting for me.

Doing things in life that feel fulfilling are priceless. My experience driving for Uber and Lyft has felt very fulfilling. I feel like I am a citizen of the universe here to help raise the vibration of love on earth. My favorite time of year to drive is in the fall when all of the leaves are changing color in Minnesota. One of my spiritual friends said that the trees are angels in disguise and I believe that!

Every person that I pick up, I feel like I am meant to cross paths with in this lifetime. I make friends with everyone so easily and I have been invited to India, Africa and Egypt. People have invited me into their homes. One time I picked up this nurse from the hospital because her husband just had heart surgery. When we got to her house on the golf course she invited me in to see the view. The sunshine was streaming in through the huge windows as I walked in. I could see how much she loved nature and I had tears of joy as I left. When I first started driving in August of 2017 my intuition told me to give all of my passengers little uplifting messages. I got inspired from Facebook because I am connected to many spiritual teachers from all around the world on there and they post their tidbits of wisdom and I felt inspired and uplifted from reading that. At first I would hand write 20 message every night on 2″ x 2″ colored paper that was not sticky on the back so I would be ready for the next day. I soon realized that that was too time consuming so I got the idea to take a white piece of computer paper and write 10 message on there. I then took that paper to Office Depot/Office Max and had them print out copies of this paper on different colored paper. Then I had them cut the messages apart. It was easy and quick to do this. I found that by using lighter pastel colored paper the message were still easy to read at night.

This is the paper I take into Office Depot/Office Max to have my messages printed and cut for my passengers.

I just love everyone unconditionally because you never know what traumas they have endured and what their ancestors endured. Our ancestral traumas can come through us at the moment of conception according to the Body Code. Also using the Body Code you can release your heart wall trapped emotions and by doing so you feel like sharing your love more. That has been my experience. http://www.drbradleynelson.com/the-body-code/ I became an Emotion Code Practitioner and then became officially certified as a Body Code Practitioner on February 14th, 2017. My energy healing business is called Planetary Catalyst Energy Healing. The name for my business came to me while practicing Transcendental Meditation. https://www.facebook.com/PlanetaryCatalystEnergyHealing/ Every action inherently has a positive intent in our species and in the species beyond our solar systems.

The best part about this job is sharing the little uplifting messages with my passengers. I love seeing them smile! I keep messages ready in my cup holder next to me so I can quickly grab how ever many I need depending on how many people are coming along for the ride. When I see how many passengers are coming I will grab the right amount of message I need and set them along side my right leg on the seat, tucked between my leg and seat. I get a different message for everyone and on different colored paper. I do have 4 messages ready on the back end of all my messages so it is faster to grab those, mostly at night when people are going out together is when I use them. During the day when I drive, while my daughter is at school, I mainly have just one passenger at a time. So here is the really important part…the moment I pass them the message. The most ideal moment is when I am at a stop light or driving down a side street with no cars near me or if it is a really short trip I will give them there message when I am dropping them off, it just depends on how long the ride is and if the passenger is distracted with anything else. The majority of my passengers sit in the back passenger seat so I can easily glance in my rear view mirror to see what they are doing. If I see them just staring out the window then I will tell them that I have a little gift for them. And I sing it when I say that because I am so happy and excited that I have a little gift for them. If you have ever watched the cartoon The Wonder Pets, that is where I got inspired to sing what I am doing because that is what they did. If I am driving on the Lyft platform I say that “I love uplifting people in a Lyft” and if I am driving for Uber I say “I love uplifting people.” I then hand them the message and give them a few moments to read it. Almost everyone is so thankful and excited and happy after receiving this gift. I tell them that “I could not do what I do without you, thank you for being a part of the Uber or Lyft family.” I say “we are all working together like a team on earth.” As I was about 4 months into driving for Rideshare my intuition also told me to start a Facebook page called, My Ride Tribe, so my passengers can follow me. https://www.facebook.com/My-Ride-Tribe-373496189766788/ I also post links to more uplifting and empowering content on there because I want everyone on earth to reach their highest potential. I have many links to different energy healing things I am aware of like, German New Medicine. https://www.learninggnm.com/ According to German New Medicine every time we experience a trauma (something we could not process) it affects our brain, organ and psyche simultaneously. By changing our perception about the event that overwhelmed us our body will completely heal itself again. Every trauma has a precise symptom correlated to it. If you are interested in learning more about German New Medicine, The Bio HealthWorks Institute has a great course to teach you more. https://bit.ly/2SWB9jY

The question I ask myself is how can we create a world where all 380,000 babies that are being born on earth each day (that is about 16,000 an hour according to google in March of 2021 when I checked) can be loved and nurtured immensely so they do not get traumatized to begin with. For instance I did a water birth at my parents house when my daughter was born on January 22, 2009. I have co-sleep with her ever since she was born (and she is 12 as I write this) and she chose to breastfeed until she was 7 years old. She was always so happy and so healthy and never once had an ear infection. I published my story about my experience having her. See link at the end of this article please.

Feedback from some passengers

When I am driving my passengers around I hum to myself a lot. I am focusing on my breathing and staying present in the moment. I do not play the radio because I value the silence. I like repeating silently to myself the Medicine Buddha Mantra that I learned in August of 2018 while I am driving or I will repeat Ho’oponopono, which is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It goes like this: I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you kindly, I forgive myself. Only rarely will I play some melodic progressive house music on my other phone I have with me. I use this other phone to earn digital assets for validating geospatial location data when driving. http://www.coinapp.co I will also play music from the I am: A Healing Experience collection from Emmanuel Dagher https://emmanuel-dagher.mykajabi.com/

Feedback from some passengers

I am an Empath and can feel other peoples energy. I will assess how my passenger is feeling, sometimes people like to have a conservation and sometimes they are on their phones or computer or need to be on an important call. I keep my volume on my phone low so I can just barley hear my GPS talking to me so I pay closer attention when I am talking to my passengers but still need to be focused on taking the right turns. I like to ask my passengers where they were born and what they are passionate about. I know that my experience with Rideshare has been exceptional because I always follow my intuition. Even on August 21, 2017, the day of the solar eclipse, my intuition told me to shave my head and so I did. I shave it to my scalp every week and feel more confident and empowered then ever before in my life. I love myself unconditionally and do not care what other people think about me. What matters most is what I believe to be true about me. Update: I had my head shaved for 3 years. As I type this on March 27th, 2021 my hair is growing back out again.

I use Lavender Essential Oil on my skin when out driving and it helps keeps me relaxed and it works great as a car air freshener. Many of my passengers tell me that they love this smell.

When I arrive home after driving I always burn sage, also know as smudging. As the sage leaves burn, the smoke purifies the air and cleanses the negative energy. It also helps to generate wisdom, clarity and promote healing in my living space.

I was even inspired to create Braille messages for my visually impaired passengers. At first I would just read them what one of the messages said. The inspiration came from the book called Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille, by Jen Bryant, that my daughter and I read together. https://www.amazon.com/Six-Dots-Story-Young-Braille/dp/0449813371/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=six+dots&qid=1572219290&sr=8-1

This messages says “You are a gift to the world!” The first passenger that I gave a Braille message to, said “how could I give you 20 stars on the app instead of just 5 stars.” I just watched Youtube videos to teach myself Braille. I bought the slate and stylus and paper at the low vision store near me. The tools cost about $8. I live near a school for the blind so I encounter quite a few visually impaired passengers. https://youtu.be/sqQ3gdE7ks0

One of my female passengers made this message for me while I was driving her to her destination. I could hear her maker making the shapes of the symbols and letters while I was driving.

Another thing that I do that is special that not too many people know about it that I am always wearing my Quantum Touch Pendant. It is infused with many energy healing modalities and anyone who touches it gets their occipital bones, in the base of their skull and their hips bones automatically realigned. The cool thing about this is that the energy from that necklace is quantum entangled into every little message I hand out. http://www.quantumtouch.com I also am wearing a Sacred Sri Yantra Pendant which helps one achieve greater affluence, peace and prosperity, balanced energy, as well as harmony in relationships. https://projectyourself.com/collections/womens-jewelry/products/sacred-sri-yantra-necklace-pendant

On the windows in my car I also have many window stickers. One says ALL ARE WELCOME HERE and I have that one in Espanol too because my daughters dad is from Mexico. TODOS SON BIENVENIDOS AQUI. https://allarewelcomehere.us/collections/extras/products/window-cling-english

The other window clings I have that help create a sacred space in my car are metatron’s cube and the flower of life, which are the shapes of sacred geometry that they see repeated in the microverse and macroverse. As I write this today (March 27th, 2021), all 5,374 rides that I have given for Lyft and all 4,626 rides that I gave for Uber so far (10,000 total so far) have all been amazing and I attribute that partially to these sacred geometry patterns. My frequency of energy only attracts super amazing human beings into my car. https://www.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-sacred-geometry-stickers.html

So the last thing that I do is I ask most of my passengers if they would like to receive a hug goodbye. I do not take it personally if they do not want to receive a hug goodbye because you never know what traumas they have endured in their life. I would say about 99.9% of the time people accept a hug and I get out and hug them goodbye. I hug them on the left side of my body so that our hearts are hugging. I have given thousands of hugs goodbye now and some people I even hug twice because we will hug and then talk a little more then hug again. I have even done many group hugs when I have multiple people along for the ride. Obviously I can only get out and hug people if I am dropping them off in an area that is not super busy with traffic. I have given many fist bumps when that seams appropriate as well. I also tell people “I send you many blessing my friend” and I fold my hands together in front of my heart to honor them, as we are parting. I am leaving my legacy with every ride and every breath I take.

Many of my passengers have shared so many amazing stories with me. My favorite is the story from a man who was born in Somalia. As I arrived to the pick up location my GPS was telling me, I noticed it was a location where a truck driver was parked. He got out of his semi, asked if it was ok to sit in the front seat, which is always fine with me. He said we were close to a Starbucks and wanted to stop there and buy me a tea. We went in got our drinks and then kept driving to his destination which was about 20 minutes away. He proceeded to tell me about his childhood. He said when he was 9 years old his family was out and about in Somalia when all of a sudden fighting broke out. He got separated from his family and could not find them anywhere. His mom always told him that if he helps people they will help you in return. So that is what he did…he helped anyone he could to survive. As an adult he ended up coming to Minneapolis, Minnesota with the Somalian Refugee Program. One day his teenage kids came home from middle school and told him that they found another student with the same last name. The dad told them to get the kids phone number and he would call them to see who they were related to. When he called he found out that he was talking to his twin brother who was also in Minneapolis along with his whole family and his mom and dad. The first person he went to see was his mom and gave her the biggest hug and thanked her for instilling in him to always help others and they will help you in return because that is what kept me alive. That story really made me feel the power of source energy.

Meet my blue glass sacred geometry water bottle. It sits in my bag on the floor next to my left leg in my car when I am out driving for Uber and Lyft. I fill it with filtered, ozone treated, restructured water everyday. I tell my water that I honor the space in which it exists. And I give love and gratitude to it by hugging and kissing the bottle and talking to it. https://bluebottlelove.com/blue-glass-water-bottles/ I also bring an apple and hemp protein powder mixed with flax seed milk or canned coconut milk, with me when I am out working so I can quickly snack in between rides. I have been practicing being vegan for the last 3 years.

Thank you kindly for reading until the end. My heart sends your heart some 528hz frequencies of love. (As of July 2018 I have lived in the 528 apartment too!) Our breathing is like a symphony that connects us all together. Natalie Ann Foltz I am also an Author of some books…

My 111 Amazing Money Finds is a book that presents to you the coins I found while living my day to day life and driving for Uber and Lyft I needed to go to many gas stations and found many coins while at these gas stations.






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